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Achieve Perfect Skin with Vasu Healthcare

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Hello dear readers, Hope you're all doing great and keeping safe. It's been an eternity since my last post here on the blog. Well, times have been tough and are even tougher now. Welcome on my journey to achieve perfect skin and this time I've found a great companion!

Almost everyone that I know has always desired a soft glowing skin. Since long, I too have been obsessed with a glowing and moisturized skin. Well, I wouldn't blame me for it! Everybody wants the same! Most of my Instagram followers do know that I love my skin. It is not a hidden secret that on more occasions than one that I formulate my skincare and routines. But then, sooner or later I always share my secrets with my followers and subscribers. My endeavours always have been and will be to use natural-based products. I constantly keep an eye open for them.

Ever since my attention was drawn to the hidden assault on our skin and our immunity committed by the contents of various popular and favourite products, my heart broke. I was shocked at the havoc caused by harmful ingredients not just to our skin but our overall immunity too. Oh Yes! my dears it's true, many of our favoured creams, lotions and the fact that a whole lot of shebang consist of damaging, harmful & toxic ingredients. They have proven and serious side effects that include cancer of various forms and worse!

Once I realized what obsession had turned into, I took to educating myself. My main concern is to use products that do not have ingredients in them that harm us and affect our natural balance. Since then, I’ve been exploring the world of healthier, natural alternatives. Now, I am happy to share tips for good skincare through routines, DIY and steady flow of beneficial information for everyone. Today is no exception. I've got some great news that I would love to share with you all.

One Natural alternate that I believe in, is Ayurveda, one of the world's oldest science of healing. Did you know that Ayurveda has very powerful and effective recipes for the skin? These go a long way to treat underlying issues also. They are completely natural and not synthetic. Their repository includes some of the most wonderful & powerful herbal ingredients on the planet. They benefit us.

The effects of Ayurveda have been a source of continuous debate between followers of western medicine and holistic medicine. It’s also a fact that several new brands trending on social media are coming up with new ideas to incorporate Ayurveda, its recipes and ingredients in Natural Skin Care and Healthcare.

Kumkumadi Thailam is one such gift of Nature through Ayurveda that is now being incorporated as skincare of high potency and trending as a ’miraculous elixir’. This oil is an exotic herbal blend of around 26 ingredients. Its regular application is said to make your skin glow like gold.

Translated into ‘saffron oil’ in English, it is much more effective than the use of just a single oil. It has gained popularity for its use in rejuvenating and renewing the skin cells, illuminating the skin and bestowing a young and healthy appearance.

Just a few days ago, I received this Vasu Facial Beauty Oil & Aloe Vera Gel. Being true to my nature, I looked them up along with the name behind it and found out some truly amazing information. That's my motivation for this blog post, to share my honest views about them. Subscribe to my channel and follow me on Instagram to stay tuned for its upcoming review.

I admire brands who have a proven history with the expertise to back it up. “Better safe than sorry”. Since 1980, Vasu Healthcare is one such brand who has been upholding a legacy inspired by the wonders of Mother Nature and Ayurveda. An Indian company that has been serving the ancient treasures of this Indian Traditional Science across more than 40 Countries for 40 Years, their products are based on the principles of Ayurveda. Vasu Healthcare offers composite packages of not only cure but prevention as well, without any side effects.

Also making available the legendary Kumkumadi Tailam in their diverse range of products, Vasu Healthcare is now offering lovers of trends, a step up in the form of Vasu Facial Beauty Oil. Going a step ahead with Kumkumadi Tailam and adding to it a few more proven natural plant actives (which I’ll be mentioning below), this oil imparts more than a signature twist for Natural Glow, combating hyper-pigmentation, age spots, wrinkles and blemishes.

If I were to highlight the features this Facial Beauty Oil here's what I would like to say:

  • A unique blend of skin-loving herbs and 5 different oils like Kumkumadi Tailam, Avocado Oil, Argan Oil, Lavender Oil, Rapeseed Oil

  • Quickly absorbs and nourishes the skin from within

  • Helps to reduce hyperpigmentation, blemishes, dark spots and premature wrinkles

  • 0% Artificial Fragrance

  • Improves Circulation

  • Improves Complexion

  • Prevents Acne And Pimples

  • Age Revitalizing

  • 100% Natural

  • Made In India

Next up is this absolute gem from nature's cradle packaged in a charming green bottle.

Having made a name for itself as a solo act, Aloe Vera Gel has become one such ingredient and standalone routine favoured by myself and many. Did You Know that it contains 75 potentially active and natural constituents?

As I tried out the VASU ALOE VERA GEL I must say honestly, that it was love at first sight. The consistency, texture, colour and absence of any fragrance makes this gel to be a candidate deserving much more than a mention. Ever since I mismanaged my aloe vera plant, I've zoomed through quite a few brands but this is the only brand that has come closest my expectations and to its natural form. I find the quality of this aloe vera gel to be so much agreeable that I’ve already used it in my most recent DIY. I’ll be sharing that also with you all soon.

According to researchers across the globe, Aloe Vera has many clinically proven properties. After trying out Vasu Aloe Vera Gel, I would like to highlight the best of them:

  • Increase in collagen synthesis

  • Accelerates Healing

  • protect against radiation damage

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Anti-ageing effect

  • Softens Skin and Hair

  • Nourishes Skin and Hair

  • Moisturizes and Hydrates Skin and Hair

  • Moisturizes chapped hands, cracked feet and lips

  • Nourishing properties

  • Non-Comedogenic

    • Soothes itchy skin & scalp

Even the best experts agree that the skin only needs three to four products and sometimes fewer skincare products. The combined use of Vasu Facial Beauty Oil and Aloe Vera Gel can form a routine for almost any or all skin types. This is a true example that by choosing the right product especially for believers, “Less is Good”. In this case, these two are just fine. Through Ayurveda and these products, Vasu Healthcare has shown us an excellent way to balance and restore our skin along with our concerns.

If you want to explore their range of around 200 products, Visit their site and Do give serious consideration. They have

  • 40 Years of Excellence

    • Available in 40+ Countries

This is my effort to help connect the dots and offer a few steps we can take to safeguard our skin and balance internal support for healthy Functioning.

To make a purchase here are the links :



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