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Product Review NAKED3

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Hello Friends,

Super excited to share the look that I created using these NAKED3 Urban Decay Makeup Brushes


I do not contour my whole face, just my nose, and add a little blush to my cheeks. Wearing a good dark shade is always a plus, as it instantly brightens up your face. I used ELLE 18 Color Pops Matte (Let's Tango P28)to finish this look.

With these brushes, it becomes so much easier to create a smooth flawless look. The design & weight of these brushes is so perfectly balanced that, these actually feel like extensions of my fingers doing all the work. Made with super fine quality bristles – applying eye shadow, contouring, and using a blush is so much easier. I have quite an assortment of make-up brushes but ever since I’ve used NAKED3 brushes, I almost always find myself reaching out to use these more often. They’ve become my favorite make-up tool because they feel incredibly soft & the distribution of color is even.

“Beauty is the opposite of perfection…

… it’s about Confidence, Charisma & Character.”

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