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Cleansing & Polishing Body Bath Powder



Body Bath Powder by Iknoor

1/4th Cup Whole Green Gram

1/4th Cup Split Red Lentil

1/4th Cup Gram Flour

1/4th Cup Rice

2 Tbsp Licorice Powder

2 Tbsp Red Sandalwood Powder

1 Tsp Walnut Powder

How To Prepare Body Bath Powder

Take Whole Green Gram, Split Red Lentil, Split Bengal Gram, Rice & grind them all into a fine powder. Mix them well with Licorice, Red Sandalwood, Walnut Powder & Gram Flour

Your Cleansing & Polishing Body Bath Powder is ready.

Store the powder in an air-tight jar.

Take care to keep it dry.

How to use Body Bath Powder

To use it as a body bath you must first prepare a paste of non-drip consistency.

Mix into 3Tbsp body bath powder a little milk for Dry Skin and curd for Oily Skin.

The desired consistency can be achieved by adding a little quantity at a time.

This paste should be applied on slightly damp skin and left on for 10 minutes.

Use a wet loofah to scrub in circular motion

Rinse well to reveal soft, bright, younger looking skin and apply moisturizer.

Benefits of Body Bath Powder

Use twice a week for soft, younger & bright Skin.

Exfoliates by removing dead skin layer.

Cleanses Skin, no need to use soap.

Lightens Dark Spots & Pigmentation.

Brightens skin upon regular use.

Helps get rid of wrinkles & fine Lines.

Deep cleans pores.

Chemical Free.

Tightens Skin.

Provides your skin with an instant glow.

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