Fast Hair Straightener HQT-906, A Product Review

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Is it really a Fast Hair Straightener? Just how effective is this device? There are many women who love the straight hair look and often find themselves rushing to the parlor for  getting their hair ‘Pressed’. At what cost, Hair Breakage, Hair Fall? Heat is no friend to your lovely tresses… But ladies don’t worry, you’re in luck, this Fast Hair Straightener is just the right device if hair health is your concern.

As promised here I am with the product review of this #fasthairstraightenerbrush HQT-906 which I had ordered from @amazondotin


Fast Hair Straightener (Product Review)

  • Ultra Smooth Ceramic Plates for effortless glide
  • Pro Variable Temperature control for all hair types
  • Exclusive heat expansion plate technology
  • Far Infrared Heat technology
  • Sleek, Light and Ergonomic design
  • Straighten, Curl, Flick and Twist in one effortless pass

  1. Pro Variable Temp control 60℃ – 230℃ allows to be used for all hair types.

  2. Straightens hair as you brush them.

  3. An ideal choice for those who want to protect their hair from excess heat damage.

  4. FHS does not torture your hair by pressing them between two very hot plates.

  5. Far Infrared Heat technology allows the bristles to evenly spread the heat to the hair.

  6. Bristle tips that do not burn your scalp while brushing.

  7. Gentler and safer on your hair as in comparison to Styling irons & Hair Pressers.

  8. It’s a hairbrush which has heated bristles that glide through your hair without exerting pressure

  9. Perfect tool to achieve a well-groomed look quickly.

  10. For those who love to brush their hair on a regular basis, this is going to help them by making hair more manageable & well groomed.



Power On-Off Button

Easy to Handle, Lightweight

More like a Heated Hairbrush

Does not burn scalp, fingers, hands

Variable Heat Setting 60℃ – 230℃ with LCD Display

Ideal for people having Thin/Light hair wanting the well-groomed look, fast

Safer and gentler on your hair as in comparison to Styling irons & Hair Pressers


Not a Fast Hair Straightener

Not ideal for very Frizzy/Dense Hair

Works on small sections of hair at a time

Result is not like parlor straightening



It is a Heated Hairbrush rather than a Fast Hair Straightener.

Thin, Less dense hair are ideal subjects for this.

Easy to handle and causes no burns or scalds.

Winnie’s Candor Powdered Hibiscus Facewash

Hey Friends,

You all know that we share a common love for caring for our skin and have grown to love the effect of organic and completely chemical free products.

Just recently, I took the opportunity to try out a new product called Powdered Hibiscus Facewash from Winnie’s Candor. After experiencing the wonderful effects for myself, I now would like to let you all know about it.

On opening, I found that this powdered facewash has a slightly pleasant, neutral & nutty aroma and I tried it in the morning after I received it. While preparing it for use, I found the aroma pretty tempting & mouthwatering too. It did not take more than 2-3 minutes to prepare, apply & rinse-off the product. Quick to mix, smooth enough in texture, gently exfoliating, a single use made my skin feel energized, soft, light & clean.

Featuring amazing properties to detoxify, exfoliate, purify, soften & moisturize the skin, I observed a radiant glowing complexion after every use and I’ve been using this product ever since I’ve received it.

I would definitely recommend this Powdered Hibiscus FACEWASH from Winnie’s Candor without any hesitation.
Great Product, Two Thumbs Up!


JoJoba /ho hou ba/

Review + Benefits + Uses

Jojoba Oil also known as Green Gold, is one amongst my favorites wishlist, as its really light and suits all skin types. It is indeed a blessing because of its richness in vitamins & minerals. Its enriched with Vitamin- E , B- Complex,zinc, copper, selenium, chromium & iodine.

I’ve always been fascinated with oils and have been trying out all sorts of varieties, so I recently ordered this 100% Pure Jojoba Oil by @satthwa from Amazon. I received the product on time, well packed & sealed, in a 50 ML bottle with a Screw-on Cap & an Easy-to-Pour-Flip-Cap along with it. It’s a great oil with good qualities at such an affordable price. It applies easily with significant moisture retention and high nourishing properties. It absorbs deeply and reasonably quickly into the skin. It is non-sticky, odorless and my skin felt wonderfully hydrated & soft. It lasts up to 8 hours after applying it.

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Green Diwali! Clean Diwali! Green Planet!

Seasons Greetings, My dear friends!

Last few years saw an incredible rise in the sales and types of crackers. What almost all failed to accept and see was the super duper astronomical increase of pollution in our atmosphere all across the globe? But, Me & my husband share the same beliefs of not wanting to burst crackers. We do our best by keeping our environment clean, safe & breathable not just for people but also for our adorable pets, plants & animals. Maybe millions of sentiments do end up getting hurt, but then there’s only ONE PLANET EARTH.

Close friends living in & around New Delhi, feeling relief over the slight improvement upon recollecting previous memories of the same festival, expressed their desire to follow the same for the coming festivals. Say no to Flammable Crackers!

On Diwali for the last three years, we’ve been following our beliefs and having fun in the company of friends & family.

With the rise in #airpollution and #noise lets keep it #enviromentfriendly & #staysafe this #diwali 💥 I’m all for a #greendiwali what about you 💚🎇



This year for my Diwali outfit, I chose earthy colors. A Green Churidar suit paired with a bright colored Floral Print Dupatta, accessorized by earrings that I snagged at the famous Johri Bazaar of Jaipur. Come, have a peek at the products I  used😃 for my look this diwali.

Brows-@lakmecosmetics Lakme Eyebrow Pencil M-C/399
Eyes-@lakmecosmetics Absolute illuminating Eye Shadow Palette Gold,7.5 g
Lips-@calcosmetics Intense Matte Lipstick-Mulberry Purple 3.5 g(shade # 3)
Lashes-#sugarcosmetics Lash Mob Limitless Mascara, 01 Black With A Bang
Face-@lovecolorbar Colorbar Perfect Match Primer,30 ml;
Face-@lakmecosmetics Lakme Face Magic Skin Tints Souffle
Highlight-@elfcosmetics E.L.F Shimmering Facial Whip Lilac petal 0.34oz
Accessories-#jaipurjwellery #johribazaar
Dupatta- #amartex
#pikreview #love #ootd #jewelrygram #accessory #indianblogger #bblogger #loveit #thebest #jaipur #jaipurblogger #trendy #bling #gemstones #thebest #instagood #like4like #instareview #indiadiary

Hope Your Diwali was nicely lit with bright colored lights & radiant diyas.

Love to All.

Review: Zuci Natural Care

Citrus Fruit Extract Deep Pore Cleansing Wipes

A Big Hello to All You Beautiful People!!  2017-10-03-21-59-25-896-01

When I step outside, Citrus Fruit Extract Cleansing Wipes from Zuci Natural Care are my most ideal companion to have in the handbag for an instant clean up after spending time out in the harsh & polluting conditions of today.

Effortlessly remove make-up or cleanse any time in no time, they’re most ideal for oily skin conditions.

Enriched with Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Tea, Vit-E, Glycerin; Extracts of Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Citrus & Cornflower; these wipes detox, cleanse, tone your face & neck, giving you a radiant glow.

Very Well formulated, the fragrant aroma of these wipes create a happy, relaxed feeling and works as a mood lifter.

I use them regularly as a part of my skin cleanup routine.
Is it a part of yours?  It’s just simply Great.  Don’t ever cleanse without it!!


Product Review NAKED3

Hello Friends,

Super excited to share my look that 2017-08-16-20-55-45-062-01-COLLAGE.jpgI created just for fun with my NAKED 3 Urban Decay Power Brush new set which my hubby had ordered for me from Amazon. Now, I am not much of an expert when it comes to applying makeup, but more than just a learner and I believe in wearing less makeup, just highlighting my features.

I do not contour my whole face, just my nose and add a little blush to my cheeks. Wearing a good dark shade is always a plus, as it instantly brightens up your face. I used ELLE 18 Color Pops Matte (Lets Tango P28)to finish this look.

With these brushes it becomes so much easier to create a smooth flawless look. The design & weight of these brushes is so perfectly balanced that, these actually feel like extensions of my fingers doing all the work. Made with super fine quality bristles – applying eye shadow, contouring, using a blush is so much easier. I have quite an assortment of make-up brushes but ever since I’ve used NAKED3 brushes, I almost always find myself reaching out to use these more often. They’ve become my favorite make-up tool b’coz they feel incredibly soft & the distribution of color is even.

“Beauty is the opposite of perfection…

…it’s about Confidence, Charisma & Character.”

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