Until you cross the bridge of your insecurities,

you can’t begin to explore your Possibilities.

We all have Fears and Insecurities, Don’t We? but most of the time, we don’t come to terms with them or let’s just say that we don’t come to terms with them or let’s just say that we don’t want to accept this fact, which is quite natural and happens with everyone.

😊 Today, I’m going to share what I’ve never even considered talking out in private and I’m a very private person. 😊

😊I’m even going to let you know how I was able to turn it around to bring a positive & driving change in my life. 😊

All the time I was growing up, I was really very very thin & could not gain weight in spite of best efforts. As you all know, there’s always someone in everyone’s family who loves to criticize & make fun of people’s appearances just for amusement or self-flattery. It was due to my closeness with such relatives that I was always insecure and in constant fear of being the target of such people, as a result of which my confidence took a nosedive. Just because of this fear, I used to avoid making new friends & socializing. My fears kept me from doing my best and achieving anything in life. I never was interested in marriage because I was always conscious of the way I looked and was not at all confident about it.

But eventually, I was married off even though I wasn’t happy about it. Till quite some time even after my marriage I used to nurture frequent notions that behind my back, I too was being a subject of scrutiny & ridicule. As fate would have it, I got married to a wonderful & constantly encouraging person. I started to loosen up and got down to doing things I’m passionate about, accepting myself with all my imperfections. Through him I realized that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and that we are all flawed and that’s what makes us human & beautiful.

It is the love for yourself in the heart which helped me overcome my fears & insecurities and believe in my appearance & body.
So guys, fall in love with yourself, don’t be too hard on yourself and there is nothing that can stop you from being…

❤  The Best You, The Beautiful You  ❤

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